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We are Global Cash 4 Cars and we have been serving Portland and metro area with outsdanting service by removing car, recycling vehicles and paying top cash for any running or non-running title or lost title, vehicles since 2007.

We would love to earn the privilege to work with you and buy your unwanted cars, trucks or vans or remove any vehicle you may have sitting in your garage, driveway, yard...

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Global Cash 4 Cars wants to make this process easy and convenient for you where either your vehicle is considered junk and you just need it removed or you are looking to make some cash for a vehicle, fill out the information below and we will get back to you with a quote...

Buy or Sell used cars with Global Cash 4 Cars Sale!
A great option with us is a donation if you're wondering how to get rid of a junk car. We make the most of every donation. By recycling those vehicles we help preserve natural resources by taking old, environmentally unfriendly cars off the road. Most end of life vehicles that get donated to charity are over 20 model years old and junk vehicles. They are polluters, with poor gas mileage and exhaust. By donate those wastes vehicles not only you clean the city but you participate in the clean environment for the good of a clean and healthy community look. Make a change today!

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